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Our herd consists of Simmental and Angus based cows bred with an emphasis on creating quality show cattle and breeding stock through embryo transplant and A.I.


Brady Gramm Show Cattle Online Sale

10/5/16 on

  Tag 1

Sire: Maternal Perfection
Dam: First Class

DOB: 2/22/2016

We are excited to offer this gem as the lead off lot in our sale as she combines the best of the best in the Maine and Angus breeds with Irish Whiskey and First Class. Her mother has knocked it out of the park with her first two calves and is headed to the donor pen this spring. Phenotypically, this heifer's profile is stunning, she combines that with an adequate amount of muscle, a big belly and stands on tree trunks for legs. She will be a fun one to show all year as well as be a valuable asset for your breeding program. Study her video!

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  Tag 2

Sire: Walks Alone
Dam: Charolais

DOB: 3/17/2016

It's really hard to beat a good Walks Alone and this peach colored calf fits the bill. He's soft made, has a lot of muscle and has that fat steer look. As an added bonus he is puppy dog tame and has a beautiful hair coat. Color is in! Bid with confidence.

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  Tag 3

Sire: Broker
Dam: Encore

DOB: 1/6/2016

This Broker heifer has the look for the show ring and the genetics to be an excellent brood cow. Her dam goes back to the Ryan Hecksel herd and his Tabitha donor. She is straight in her lines with excellent feet and legs all tied into a neat and attractive front third and already has some purple on her resume!

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  Tag 10

Sire: Blaze of Glory
Dam: Lifeline


Panda Alert! He is one that everyone finds right away and for good reason. Big top, hip and butt and loves to eat. Combine that with a great disposition and a ton of hair and you have yourself a showsteer!

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  Tag 152

Sire: MAB
Dam: Bonanza

DOB: 4/13/2016

The one market heifer of the offering and she is a beast! She has that chubby look that is winning today and a great amount of bone and hair. Her disposition is second to none and has the mass and power to run against the steers at your fair.

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Triple C Magic Man X GFI Lacey

Embryos available by Chopper and Monopoly
  Diamond Lady
Star Power X Traveler

half blood

Embryos available by Meyer 735 sexed female and Monopoly
Bojo X Meyer 734

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